Before the trip


Credit cards / cash

Carry cash with you in Bavaria. Some smaller stores, restaurants and cafés don’t accept credit cards.


Kurtax - tourist tax

Tourist tax 2,60 € / adult / day and 1,30 € / child / day is not included in the price of the apartment. In exchange for the tourist tax you get a tourist card when checking in. With the tourist card you can travel free of charge in the local busses and get discounts for admissions to some local attractions and events. Parking fees are also discounted at popular sights like Lake Königssee.


Vignette sticker

When driving on Austria's highways you need a Vignette sticker on your windshield. It can be bought from gas stations in Austria or close by the border in Germany. 10-day sticker costs 9 €.


Recommended gear

We recommend you to take good walking or hiking shoes with you. Berchtesgaden is located in the valley in the middle of mountains and besides the great hiking trails, the city center is also on the slope. The train station, pedestrian area and lookout points are all on different levels so good shoes make exploring easier.


House slippers may be comfortable when visiting the Burmesterhaus library or other common areas of the house.


Spas are a popular place to relax here. If you are interested in visiting one, you should take swimwear, slippers and a light bathrobe with you. Men and women bathe together in Germany. At specific times during the day, you can experience a show where a “sauna master” waves a towel in a sauna to steer the heat and aroma with matador like moves. On Mondays, the Watzmann spa in Berchtesgaden has a women only sauna shift.



It is common to greet people everywhere in Bavaria and Austria anytime by saying “Grüss Gott!”